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senior walk, their LAST DAY AT hvrhs

senior walk, their LAST DAY AT hvrhs

The dollars entrusted to us help make the aspirations of HVRHS students, teachers and clubs possible.  Donations from our generous community allow us to support new clubs; the HVRHS Robotics, Envirothon, and Electric Car teams all received seed money when they were getting started. The trips to China, Germany, Panama, Canada and New Orleans which open our youth to life beyond the NW Corner received funding.  Individual students and teachers can also receive grants to pursue their unique dreams and passions.

These are just some of the accomplishments donors’ contributions have generated during our first 20 years.

With Your Support:

Our donors and volunteers are our lifeblood.  Every success, or good deed we've done, is the result of their gifts, support and commitment to our shared mission - to help our community become better informed, engaged and aware. 

Donna and Jim Dimartino, Donors since 1999

Donna and Jim Dimartino, Donors since 1999

The Dimartino family of Sharon has strong ties to HVRHS: Donna grew up in the Northwest Corner and graduated from the school in the 1970s, and her son Stephen in 1990.  But their strongest connection is through the late long-time principal, and founder of the 21st Century Fund, Jack Mahoney, For many years Jim worked with Jack’s wife at Sharon Hospital, and got to know and admire Jack. “Jack was keen on focusing more of our educational efforts on science and ny wife and I agreed that was going to determine the strength of our education in the coming years.”  So when Jack came up with the idea for a science-and-tech center, the Dimartinos were eager to help out.  “It’s great, to have a space dedicated to experimenting and learning by doing,” explains Jim.  He and Donna have been donors to the 21st Century Fund since 1999.

For more information about who the 21st Century Fund grant procedures, policies and recipients click here.  (The application and list of prior donors is at the bottom of the page.)

Together we can make things happen.

Together we can change lives!      

Your support matters.

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April 26th:   Reception at Mahoney-Hewat Center for students and teachers from the 2017 China Trip

May 30th:    HVRHS Civic Life Screenings at Noble Horizons