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The 21st Century Fund wishes to thank the Freund, Jacquier and Kilmer families for hosting this winter's amazing site visits and tours.  All who attended were blown away by your dedication and commitment.  

"Farming is a labor of love, and that message came through loud and clear with each of the three family enterprises that we visited. What fun to see the enthusiasm exhibited by the third generation Freund representatives as they demonstrated Cow Pot production,

or the Jacquier operation and learn that essentially nine people are responsible for the health and productivity of 1100 milking dairy animals with an annual rolling herd average of 30,000 lbs of milk. Who would have even thought thatcows slept on comfortable water beds?

and then to visit the Kilmer operation and witness robotic milking and learn that this occurs "at will" when the animal is ready 24-7-365 .......WOW! " John Perotti


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